Friday, 29 June 2012

Louisa Charlotte Bramwell

As some of the analysis will get slightly long on some of these letters, and this one in particular has a lot of background material, I'll start off just posting this letter.

A transcription follows the images.  The original letter is at the archives in Worcester.

Friday Sept 12, 1919
21 Upper Stanhope St South Lpool

My Dear Vesta,

I hope you will forgive me taking this privilige [sic] of writing you but I feel I 

must get a word somehow to you I have done my best to secure two seats but 

every seat seemed Booked up therefore I must let you pass out of my life 

without looking once more at your dear face. The first time I saw you was at 

the old Alexander [Alexandra] where you played Alladin when Mrs Saker was 

there. I was engaged for the chorus however my Dad objected + I couldn’t go.  

Mrs Saker Buried in St James Cemetary where I have two sons laying. I 

saw you at the Partheon [Parthenon] where you sang Before the lamps are 

lit[,] - The Shamrocks appeal to the Rose[,] Mary + John. I presented you from 

the gallery with a Bouquet of flowers + you where presented from the Boxes 

on the stage with a Basket of Red Roses Happy days 33 years ago I well 

remember Mrs Stoll + her son + remember how excited I used to feel when My 

Vesta was about to appear you know all us girls loved you + I want to ask you 

to keep this letter private has I am writing it entirely from the Bottom of my 

Heart + I want you always to think Dear old Friend wherever you are in this big 

world I will always remember you. I saw you at the Hippodrome about 3 years 

ago + I felt I would like to speak to you.  I was very near you being in the front 

row but a Lump came in my throat + I couldn’t manage it when my Boy came 

on leave from the Navy he would always say, come on Mother[,] give us Angels 

without wings or some of your old songs[,] how happy I was then.  But I lost 

my boy in the Great Jutland Battle 1916 on the HMS Invincible God Bless him 

after serving his King 12 years I had 3 sons fighting the other two are safe 

thank God.  I remember your Brother Harry also your sister at the Partheon 

[Parthenon] + Now Dear old Friend I want to ask you for the sake of the old 

boys if you will let me have if it is only a little card with your name on please 

Vesta oblige + I wish you Health[,] Wealth + Prosperity wherever you go also 

your Husband.  My cousin Hetty Bramwell lived with your Husbands people I 

think in Bedford St some years ago + Now God Bless you Vesta From one of 

your old Gallery Girls

Louisa Charlotte Bramwell

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